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More than a remote-control car, It's a mobile tank game brought to life.

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Daddy's new toy

I saw ZEGA on Tmall by chance, and since it reminded me of the remote control toys I played when I was a child, I bought it. My son was so excited when he controlled the toy with an iPad for the first time. This little tank has a good design, refined craftsmanship and flexible handling. Sometimes I play with my son at home, he’s much better at it than me.

Daddy bought me this tank. I like the red LEO.Sometimes I play with my friends. Daddy's GONDAR is no match for mine.

Awesome Tank

Galaxy ZEGA has upgraded the interactive entertainment factor in the office. It's so exhilarating to fight for a while after working very hard. Forget about things like foosball or board games.

I seldom play games, but I really like this tank because it's so cute and flexible. It always makes us laugh during the lunch time~

Every child deserves a ZEGA
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